NZ Vakanties

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NZ Vakanties

NZ Vakanties is a travel agency for the neutral health insurance in Belgium. If you are a member of the “Neutraal ziekenfonds”, you can count on many discounts traveling in Belgium and outside Belgium!

My work in this project, was to make a new website with their new corporate identity and make it more user friendly and responsive. It was a bit tricky, because their corporate identity was not done when I needed to workout the design.
The design had to be flexible for using different colors.

The website has a lot of functionalities build in: like a pop-up with a 7-days cookie, translation options, custom taxonomy and category pages with icons or backgrounds, a complex dropdown with content from a custom term (you can find a code preview here) and many more.

You can visit the website for NZ Vakanties here.